This website is a unique tool designed to assist lobbyist's for reform.  We believe in Unity of We The People in order to protect our environment with a main focus of working with victims and other organizations who have had or want to convince Congress to change and or amend certain laws, especially the laws that regulate wrongs to abused children and families.  WE ARE CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION ADVOCATES.

  We work together with Attorneys, Families, Children, Legal Organizations with a majority of success without 
ever asking for money.  We donate our service for free
as a Good Samaritan thing to do.  Our efforts provide protection, education, promotion, design, and advertising for awareness.  

  The TK Music Fest was set up originally to help mentor children, establish playgrounds in low income neighborhoods and lower crime rates through the production of Studio and Live Music.  They ventured into subcontracting and fundraising for a large non profit organization.  While holding large concerts, watching kids get signed with Disney, striking deals with Wal Mart, they still managed to get into rehabs for children plus help other non profits. Now it is commonly known as We The People Family Preservation Festival.  

  In 2011 WTPF split up due to the Atty Gen of California owning rights through proper trade mark of We The People pertaining to lobbyist work we have changed our name to Community Awareness for Families.  

  We will keep you updated on the upcoming events in DC.