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  OUR MISSION is to provide a better opportunity to make awareness for Family Rights issues that pertain to the welfare of our Children and Families Internationally.  Community Awareness for Families is a Faith Based organization that began from a Grass Roots movement.  
  There are many ways that we help reform where it is needed. It is done through marketing and advertising for Family Rights Preservation.  Our achievements include live film work, entertainment, lobbying and speaking on these important issues at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.  Due Process has needed reform with in the courts for a long time.  We do this through teaching, awareness, and bringing attention to federal funds that are currently on hold and looking for funds to stop.  It is our goal to form an umbrella of concerned organizations and people looking to reform the misuse of tax dollars regarding Family Preservation, the ultimate Civil Rights Issue.
  Men, Women and Children are sometimes murdered, raped, beaten, alienated and falsely accused at the tax payers expense.  Pls Unite with us as we progress into Justice For All.  Be sure to be a member of our cause as it costs no money . Pls come and Unite with us or show some support. 

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