In Loving Memory of
Senator Nancy Schaefer

Thank you for all that help us achieve lobbying, press conferences, educational panels inside and outside the United States Capitol with filming, music and international speaking.  Our intentions are to have a more powerful demonstration than ever before, next year in Washington, DC . This is a must in order to provide better legislation that will help families and children. 

Community Awareness for Families is not a business nor does it care to gain financially from its vendors or volunteers; we have private investors.  CA4F helps to bring awareness through lobbying, marketing, events, protesting and law making.  CA4F is in support of most organizations for Equal Families.  Our affiliates learn or teach methods to the people in order to gain the tax paying right to govern our country with respect to Family Preservation. If you have a concern or circumstance please enter it into our wall.  If you are interested in meeting your states law makers and helping us make bigger awareness please email and become part of our team. 
  It's time We as The People took back our position to rule the government so we can help our children and over all families grow happily and positively. We are here to help spread the word and make laws happen to actually protect people, along with strengthening investigation processes and demanding due process of law. Thanks for visiting this unique site.
Please contact us below if you are in Support of the Family Jury Trials and Transparency Bill to become Law
We proudly sponsor and present Family Preservation 
Sept 8 -911, 2018 in collaboration with...........................